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The Milby Barn Studio , while being the owner's personal studio, is also available to other artists to hold classes, workshops or small plein air gatherings. As part of the Artisan Trail Network , The Eastern Shore Artisan Guild and The ES Art League, this space is perfect for a spot to showcase work and have more exposure. Nestled among the fields around us and the Lavender field right next to it, what more can you ask for in a creative space? Its really is an artists heaven on earth

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Studio Policy

We plan on offering use of the studio for other artists to use for workshops all year round. To book your workshop, all inquiries are to be made to Kate , so that we can check on availability and as to not disrupt her personal painting space. All workshops are to be organized by the artist and Kate, to ensure space, plans and to arrange a few available overnight accommodations if needed. Workshops details are to be organized solely by teaching artist. We will  gladly info publish via our events page, handouts at farm markets and social media as well.

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