We not only specializes in Cut Flowers , but also a specific variety of Herbs and Lavenders. We practice " Naturally Grown" (similar standards as USDA Organic) growing systems. Our commitment to sustainable farming goes far beyond that. We want to not only offer our community with beautiful flowers and herbs,  but provide a spot for the growing Agri Tourism industry here on the shore. Our farm uses self sustaining organic methods to lessen our footprint on the Earth and to keep our farm and soil healthy for a long time to come.


We will have many culinary herbs as well as Lemon and Cinnamon Basils to incorporate into your flower bouquets with their amazing fragrance.  Our focus will be on providing fresh organic herbs all through our farm season of June through late September. We will be offering :

Herbs waiting to enhance the cocktails at Cape Charles Distillery

Herbs waiting to enhance the cocktails at Cape Charles Distillery

  • Chamomile - (which we use for our compost structure as well)

  • Common Chives

  • Garlic Chives

  • Chervil

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme

  • Italian Parsley

  • Echinacea

  • Lemon Basil

  • Cinnamon Basil

  • Genovese Basil

  • Deep Purple Basil

  • Mrihani Basil

  • Chocolate Mint

  • Apple Mint

  • Lemon Balm

  • Sage

We will have these herbs available at our farm stand and at the Onancock Farmer's Market on Saturdays and Chincoteague and Cape Charles as well. If you would like either the lemon or cinnamon basil added to your flower bouquets, we can do that for an added option. Beautiful blooms and the healing medicinal power of Herbs go hand in hand to truly offer nourishment to the soul.


We are also a small scale naturally grown, eco-friendly lavender producer. Our lavenders are grown on a lush 1/2 acre, producing 3 varieties. 
Our Lavender production will be available to the general public in our 2020 -2021 season. We want to offer the finest varieties of quality Lavenders and for that to be, our varieties need time to grow and mature.

We will be offering the following Lavenders : 


Grosso (French Hybrid)

This long-stemmed type has the darkest blue-purple flower spikes of the classic French hybrid types. The flowers have a strong lavender fragrance with a hint of camphor. Its grown for its fragrant dark blue flower spikes and vigorous growth habit. Grosso is a large grower and blooms heavily providing an ample harvest of flowers. The calyxes cling tightly to the flowering stems when dried, making ‘Grosso’ an excellent choice as an everlasting flower or for use in lavender sachets, wands and perfumes. This classic lavender is fragrant, and dries beautifully for potpourri. Recommended as one of the best culinary varieties.


Hidcote Blue ( English Lavender)

 The flowers and leaves are used as a herbal medicine, either in the form of lavender oil or as a herbal tea. The flowers are also used as a culinary herb, most often as part of the North American version of the French herb blend called herbes de Provence. Both the petals and the oil are the most popular ingredients in handmade soaps and lotions as well.


Royal Velvet (English Culinary)


This variety is a small to medium-sized compact growing plant. It is one of the best Angustifolias. Its deep purple flowers and foliage are highly aromatic. It is a great oil producer and excellent for culinary uses. Royal Velvet is an all purpose plant that is one of the best selling lavender plants. The 10-12 inch long stems are great for use in lavender bunches or crafts.