Market Update for Week of June 18


Hi All ! This first market letter is coming to you much later than I had anticipated. We had such a weird spring with cold weather and combined with us starting from  virgin ground, we got started much later than normal. However that allowed us  to concentrate on getting our soil to be as healthy and nutrient packed as possible for the flowers. All without chemicals or yucky additives like Miracle Grow. We feed our plants with natural products by using compost teas, kelp/ fish fertilizers every few weeks and Earth Worm casings, and Epsom Salt . So far what is ready is beautiful, full of blooms and pest & disease free! 

This week  we will be at Cape Charles  Farmers Marketon Tuesday from 3-6pm and also at Chincoteague Farm Market on Wednesday from 9am - 1pm.

 We will have our bouquets  in small ,medium  and large sizes, Lavender Chamomile Salt Scrub and various flower seeds . Flowers that will be included are:  a variety of Zinnias , Veronica , St Johns Wort , Lillies , Stock , Pink Astilbe , Spike Green Amaranth , Stokes Aster , Verbena,  Purple Cone Flower , Blacked Eyed Susans,  Yarrow,  Queen Anne's Lace , Bee Balm and some Wildflowers.

For Herbs we will have Lemon Basil, Lemon Balm , Dried Chamomile (great for Tea) and Mint. I will also be bringing a few antique pitchers and vases to be sold wth certain bouquets.

We have so much more coming in the future in Dahlias , Hollyhocks, Love Lies bleeding ,  a variety of Sunflowers, Soapwort, more Stock , Strawflower and many other Zinnias. We look forward to seeing you and being able to bring a small amount of beauty into your homes. 


 Kate & John